Monday, September 17, 2012

It's been a hell of a week, work is; the woman I was dating left me for a yoga instructor, and I spilled a hot cup of Colombian Roast all over my tailored trousers on my morning commute. So it was with pleasure I accepted an invitation for drinks with several co-workers. But these weren't just any drinks, no, these were special...watered down 8 dollar whiskey and Coke courtesy of your local gentleman's club. Hey at least the view was good. The usual collection of slutty college girls grinding your cock for dollar bills, at least something was grinding my cock...Then my life changed...

She walked out, she couldn't have been much more than 163cm....with these gorgeous grey eyes, hauntingly beautiful, and sucking me in. I see her mouth moving, and it's all I can do to focus upon her words as I stair into those eyes....suddenly I hear "Hi, I'm Olenka, you're looking awfully bored" the slight hint of a Russian accent teasing me, and at the same time filling me with intrigue. "I'm Shawn I reply with a smirk, and yeah I was getting bored, but suddenly my interest is piqued...". "Well Shawn" she drums out with a sexy eastern European accent, "how about we take this conversation somewhere more private?". Something tells me I'm in for more than I can handle, but the temptation in my pants defeats any protests that my head can logically offer. "Olenka, that sounds like a wonderful idea."

She takes me by the hand, her hands are soft and her grip is sure but not over-enthusiastic. I follow unsure of what to make of the situation, but too enamored to question myself or her for even a second. She opens a set of double doors, and we enter an exquisitely detailed room that has a large round couch/bed covered in a deep red crushed velvet, the walls are dark, and the lighting is suited to match the ambiance. she leads me to the bed and I have a seat, leaning back I drink in this woman's beauty, she is absolutely breathtaking,....brown hair, gray eyes, perfect silhouette, her breasts are large but shapely and her hips accentuate her breathtaking body. 

"You like what you see?" she casually purs and I can do nothing more than nod my head in agreement. I notice a slight heat in my pants, and realize that my cock is rising at the mere thought of this woman. I start to adjust myself as to not offend this beautiful woman, but she stops me and says "don't move, sometimes a woman enjoys looking too" her half smile makes me acutely aware of the fact that she seems to be amused by my discomfort. She begins dancing and running her body up and down the curves of her body, skin shimmering in the light that escapes from the wall sconces. "The private dance is $250, but I'll fuck you because I want to" she says with another half smile. I struggled to keep the sip of Champagne I had just taken down, did I just hear that right? I remain silent and continue to watch her hypnotic motion, running up and down the red panties and camisole top that just allows a clear view of her spectacular breasts.

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